Character data


Move character data to the "Character" class.
These include all the data that are repeated in most (if not all) pages on the armory.

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<character battleGroup="Blackout" charUrl="r=Twilight%27s+Hammer&n=Nemu" class="Mage" classId="8" faction="Alliance" factionId="0" gender="Female" genderId="1" guildName="Dark Angels" guildUrl="r=Twilight%27s+Hammer&n=Dark+Angels&p=1" lastModified="25 December 2008" level="80" name="Nemu" points="2600" prefix="Ambassador " race="Human" raceId="1" realm="Twilight's Hammer" suffix=""/>
(see attached file for data samples)
XPath: "/page/characterInfo/character"

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Missing/TO-DO: Create all properties on the Character-class and implement the body-part of the "_SetProperties()" method to fill the properties.

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